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Paroles de chansons : Mario

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Mario - Crying Out For Me

1, 2, 3, 4
Yeah (uh huh)
Polo the Don
Listen girl Mario Let’s go

It’s like you caught up in a maze
You keep on going in circles girl you’re trying to find your way out
But its time I put on my cape and
Put that s on my chest
Girl I wanna come and save you
But I’m stick in the middle of seeing you hurt
I know when you love him
And you wanna make it up
And I can’t help but ...
Suite de Mario - Crying Out For Me

Calendrier le 08/02/2008 par yrrho

Mario - Do Right

(feat. Akon)

[Verse 1:]
What have I missed,
Living like this?
Who'd think I'd get this far,
fancy house and my fancy car.
Why you living like this,
Together as kids?
You were my best of friend,
all the trouble you got up in.

See I been deaf, and I been scared,
I been discriminated against and compared,
To you whose my brother, thanks to you I discovered.
Suite de Mario - Do Right

Calendrier le 08/02/2008 par yrrho

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