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Paroles de chansons - lettre j

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Jaheim - Have You Ever

Have you ever?

Have you ever ever
Think about it

Have you ever
Thought of what you did
When you were a kid (sometimes)
As you reminisce

Have you ever
Thought about your life
Thought you paid a price (no doubt)
Cause It wasn't right
Have you ever

Ever tell the truth but lied
Held back when you shoulda cried
Didn't say ...
Suite de Jaheim - Have You Ever

Calendrier le 08/02/2008 par yrrho

Jaheim - Hush

Eh yaaayeee
Eh eh eh
Eh yaaayeee
Eh eh eh
Eh eh eh

I can no believe this
We just put it down
What are you going to tell him
When he comes back in town
Are you gonna let him know
That I'm giving you the business
I tried my best to let it go
But I could not resist it
It's to temptin, I'm slippin
Touchin and feelin
Me and him be ...
Suite de Jaheim - Hush

Calendrier le 08/02/2008 par yrrho

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