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Paroles de chansons - lettre a

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AaRON - Angel Dust

Broken dreams of flyin birdsd
irty hands on skinny arms
just hanging down her shoulders
like a deadly young old tree
and a bit of blood rollin', gently down her nose
on the floor the princess, strikes the pose
say goodbye to angel dust
the only angel that you trust
dirty fingers on her hands
doin’ stuff that she can't stand
opening doors don't want to see
and closin one she wanna be
Suite de AaRON - Angel Dust

Calendrier le 25/02/2008 par yrrho

AaRON - Beautiful Scar

Into the streets of your mind
I get lost once in a while
crystal clear antagony
your soul is not the right one for me
baby doll you're a porn soul
baby doll you're a porn soul
sexy beast upon my chest
dark angel sucked all the best
this is a brainwashing process
deep in my consciousness
and homeless soul
i'm your prom doll
you made a few plans on your own
meanwhile I danced ...
Suite de AaRON - Beautiful Scar

Calendrier le 25/02/2008 par yrrho

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