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Paroles de chansons : Justin Timberlake

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Justin Timberlake - (Another Song) All Over Again

You've been alone, you've been afraid
I've been a fool
In so many ways
but I would change my life
If you thought you, might try to love me
So please give me another chance
To write you another song
And take back those things I've done
Cause I'll give you my heart
If you would let me start all over,

I'm not a saint
I'm just a man
Who had heaven and Earth
In the ...
Suite de Justin Timberlake - (Another Song) All Over Again

Calendrier le 18/01/2008 par yrrho

Justin Timberlake - Chop Me Up

(feat. Three 6 Mafia, Timbaland)

It's going down
Justin Timberlake
Three 6 Ma-ma-mafia

Dirty south
Dirty south
It's how we do what we do, man, when we do what we do

I know you see me looking, girl go on and act right
A little closer, let me see you in the spotlight
Now turn around and let me see just what ya ...
Suite de Justin Timberlake - Chop Me Up

Calendrier le 18/01/2008 par yrrho

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