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U2 - Bad

If you twist and turn away.
If you tear yourself in two again.
If I could, yes I would,
If I could, I would let it go...

If I could throw this lifeless
Lifeline to the wind,
Leave this heart of clay,
See you walk, walk away,
Into the night.
And through the rain,
Into the half-light,
And through the flame.
If I could, through myself,
set your ...
Suite de U2 - Bad

Calendrier le 23/11/2006 par Julien

U2 - Babyface

Catching your bright blue eyes
In the freeze frame
I've seen them so many times
I feel like I must be your best friend
You're looking fine, so fine, oh my,
Dressed up like a lovely day

Babyface, Babyface
Slow down child, let me untie your lace
Babyface, Babyface
Cover girl with natural grace
How could beauty be so kind
To an ordinary guy?

Coming home late at night
To ...
Suite de U2 - Babyface

Calendrier le 23/11/2006 par Julien

Paroles de chansons

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